Frequently Asked Questions

Details of Program

The duration of the courses are between 3-5 weeks.  Averaging 3-6 hours per week of work. We expect our students to give 100% for best results.

Students are required to be ready and be on-time to take the course once it begins. Kollege Kampus’ courses are similar to taking courses in college.  For example, once the student finishes the course by the 3rd or 5th week, depending on the course, they will no longer have access to the course content unless they re-enroll and pay for the course again.

Once the course is purchased and payment is approved, the student may begin taking the course when the course starts.  The enrollment period varies for each course.

The student will be required to answer questions during the course program. Based on the student’s answers, they will receive step-by-step videos and assignments, specific to the student.  Each student’s lesson content may be differ.

All Core and Advanced Members will have access to the Student Q&A Forum to post questions, get answers and share information.

The college course program is for all undergrads pursuing a Certificate, Associates and Bachelor’s Degree.  It is for parent(s) of a dependent student, high school student, adult and single-parent student.

Kollege Kampus’ mission is to help students nationwide earn a debt free college education.

Every course has a brief explanation of what you’ll learn.  The Overview tab provides a brief course description.  The Curriculum tab will provide a brief description for each weekly lesson and a list of topics you’ll be learning.

Currently the eLearning course is for U.S. citizens & U.S. citizen dependent students with undocumented parent(s).  We are working diligently to create an e-learning course for Dreamers, DACA, Undocumented, and International students very soon.  To stay informed please subscribe to our newsletter.

Purchases & Refunds

We love our customers and value our courses!

If you are not satisfied with any purchased course on Kollege Kampus you’ll receive a 30 day money back guarantee.

After 30 days, unfortunately no refunds will be made.

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